Artists all across the country spend hundreds of their dollars each year buying art and craft supplies for the class they teach. They do so out of pure passion for their students’ learning, but sometimes an occasional helping hand goes a very long way. Now you too can purchase paints, colored pencils, markers, paste sticks, sponge, and many other supplies all on your own, or perhaps combine the two to create an entire art and craft kit for your classroom. It’s easy enough when you consider that the same amount of money can be spent on an entire classroom supply list – or your very own individual art and craft kits!

Teachers are constantly looking for unique and affordable ways to add new and interesting elements to the curriculum. Using the wonderful world of the internet, teachers can now easily take a product they really like and use it as a starting point for building a whole new art and craft experience for their students. One such kit includes eight different marbles which can be used as a starting point for creating a marble-based design style guide. The kit also comes with eight sheets of paper and one calculator.

Some teachers are still finding time to gather all of the basics they will need to get their classes off to a great start with a well-planned and creative shopping list. This includes everything from coloring books, stickers, crayons, and transfer sheets. These art and craft supplies make it simple to personalize every aspect of a child’s experience, whether it’s coloring pictures with fun cartoon characters or creating their very own crafts with crayons and colored pencils. You can also find supplies like paints, brushes, and even colorful pens. Most of these items are sold in large bulk quantity sizes, allowing you to save money and stretch your dollar as far as possible.

Another great way to save money and get some great deals on art and craft supplies is by taking advantage of garage sales and estate sales. If you are lucky enough to live near one, you can get an amazing deal on both new and old stock. Garage sales and estate sales often have great second-hand finds that would cost way more at a craft store, but not at the auction. For example, many people sell old wood craft toys that would be perfect for making Christmas tree decorations because they no longer have use for them.

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